The Knitting Mirror

Have you ever hear of the “The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater”? It’s a concept that states that if you knit a sweater for your partner before you’re in a long term, committed partnership or married, it will result in a break up before the knitter completes the sweater. There are abundant cautions and anecdotal […]

Managing expectations

What a year it’s been. I’ve worked hard to make sure that my kids have had a normal as possible existence in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and as one friend of mine said: it takes an immense amount of energy to do so. Or does it? Doesn’t life require an immense amount of […]

Building community in unexpected ways.

Every night my family sits down for dinner and we ask “How was your day?”. Before the quarantine, shelter in home times, the question was sufficient to elicit a decent enough response from my boys and husband; we all got a good sense of everyones’ day. Now, the question can seem hollow and insincere since […]

Sewing as a bridge

Living in the Seattle area, we’re at the epicenter of the US corona virus outbreak. They say people fall into two categories when it comes to the virus: underprepared or over-prepared; panicked or nonchalant. Our family falls into the prepared but not panicked camp. We’ve been meaning to be smart about earthquake preparedness and this […]

Anyone Can Knit! (if you want to)

Last week while sitting on the cold bleachers during tennis lessons (inside thankfully) I was busy knitting the body of my newest cast on the Carbeth Cardigan. A person asked “Are you knitting?” Since I knit a lot in public, I often get this question. “Yes, I am knitting, a sweater in fact. Do you […]

The Red Sweater

A few things have come to light in the past couple of months, weeks, days: I’m a sweater knitter. Knitters tend gravitate to one type of garment or accessory. A sock knitter, a shawl knitter, hat or sweater knitter. When it’s time for me to cast on a new project, a sweater or cardigan is […]

The making umbrella

I have an old journal entry saying something to the effect of “I learned to knit. I don’t think it will really stick. Oh well.” How wrong was I! Throughout most of my life I’ve been surrounded by some sort of making. My Grandma Lou was an incredible seamstress. She made all my dad and […]

Knitting the long road

After 1 year and 2 months of on and off again knitting, I’ve finally finished my Churhmouse Poncho. The intention to knit this poncho was set 4.5 years ago when I first began to knit. I purchased yarn, Rowan Tweed and was ready to go but I didn’t cast on immediately. The Easy Folded Poncho […]

Traveling in kindness

We made it to Taiwan. I’ve have never traveled on a plane before with a broken bone. I’ve traveled many times sick (apologies to those former plane cabin mates) but never with the need for a wheelchair escort. And to be honest, there has never been much cause to pay attention to all the wheelchairs […]

Me Made May and me

This was the first year that I participated in Me Made May, an event on Instagram that was created 10 years ago by Zoe Edwards to celebrate handmade clothing. Often clothes are made but not worn and this was an effort to encourage the making community to wear them proudly. Typically with these online, month […]