Maker. Knitter. Teacher. I love to knit and teach people to knit!

Knitting was introduced to me in a parent/tot class many years ago. I struggled to learn on my own at first so I understand how frustrating it can be to learn how to knit without a grandma or friend right by your side to guide you. Dropped stitches, cast on confusion and what do all these knit terms mean? How do you even choose a pattern? What yarn and needles should I use? Totally get it.

As your knitting guide, I work with you to overcome your knitting obstacles and can take you from Your First Cowl to Your First Sweater whether in a group class or 1:1. I build confidence in the new knitter through patient and thorough instruction and accessible skill building patterns. By teaching others, the craft of knitting, I empower students to cultivate a skill that they can use to uplift everyday moments, create community and find joy.

One can find me knitting outside, at a meeting or while waiting for water to boil. I knit in the small moments of my life and stitch by stitch, a finished project is my reward. Often people will remark that they themselves could never knit a sweater, sock, hat or shawl. I say, anyone can knit if you want….and I can teach you.

Welcome to my blue house, my casa azul.  Housing creativity amidst a full life. And helping others do the same.

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