My Casa Azul


Building confident knitters and community, one stitch at a time.

It can be frustrating to learn to knit without someone right by your side to guide you. Dropped stitches, casting on confusion and what do all these knit terms mean? How do you even choose a pattern? What yarn and needles should you use? I totally get it.

As your knitting guide, I will work with you to overcome your obstacles and take you from your First Cowl to your First Sweater in a group class or 1:1 setting.  I can also help you knit a project of your choice. Together we build your knit confidence through patient and thorough instructions and accessible skill building patterns. 

Together we build space for your creativity.

Teaching Experience

I began teaching by sharing my love of knitting with family and friends. I’ve taught beginning knitting for Seattle Waldorf’s Parent and Tot program and volunteered my teaching skills at other schools. Starting in 2020, I began teaching online with The Tea Cozy Yarn Shop as well as 6th & 7th graders at St. Joseph’s through their exploratory program, both located in Seattle. In addition to teaching, I run several fiber and knit groups with makers of all skills. Currently, I teach with The Tea Cozy Yarn Shop, The Making App as well as individual knitters of all ages, all online.  

Laurel Garcia


Laurel Garcia


About Me

Maker. Knitter. Teacher.
I love to knit and teach people to knit.

Throughout my life I’ve been surrounded by many forms of craft: countless handmade gifts, crocheted hot pads on the dinner table, rag rugs and grandma-made dresses. I will never forget the smell of my Grandma’s sewing room. By the time I was ready to learn these skills from my family, the chance had passed.

I was introduced to knitting in a parent/tot class many years ago, but the lesson was brief and I struggled to continue to learn on my own. I searched for help in knitting books and online. At that time, I was at home with my kids, so going to a knit shop wasn’t an option.

Despite the hurdles, the desire to knit was strong and over time, many projects, and countless mistakes, my craft practice grew. It took a lot longer without a teacher I could call on when stuck or when the pattern instructions were confusing.

These days, there isn’t more time and the needles certainly don’t move any faster but I’ve created space for my making. Through my craft practice, I cultivate patience and connection, and welcome the challenges that come with each stitch. A conversation with a fellow maker, a finished project, or sharing my knowledge with others brings me joy. I am also a theatre director and the creative nature of knitting resonates with the part of me that delights in bringing stories to life. People often remark that they could never knit a sweater, sock, hat or shawl. To that I say: anyone can knit!

And I can teach you.

In honor of Frida Kahlo, who created her Casa Azul to make space for her creativity under extraordinary circumstances, I welcome you to MY blue house, My Casa Azul. Housing creativity amidst a full life, and helping others do the same.

To read more about my making journey, check out my blog.