My Casa Azul

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question and don’t see an answer, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

All class are held in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

All classes and sessions are held over Zoom and are live and interactive. There are no recordings of the classes and sessions.

When students sign up for a Taste of Knitting Class with The Tea Cozy, they create a login at the time of purchase. Students use that info to login at the Knit Work page. There in the student portal, they’ll find all the class information. Students have access to their Knit Work page from the time they sign up for a class until 30 days after the class is complete. 


For students who purchase Group Classes, Knit Project or Knit Help Sessions, Knit Work login will be provided on an as needed basis and will be available for 30 days after the conclusion of the class, session, or project.  


Students who purchase Taste of Knitting with The Making App will sign up for their App and find all the class information on their site.

There are a few differences: dates, times and sometimes a different pattern. My Casa Azul runs and teaches the Taste of Knitting with The Tea Cozy. For The Making App Taste of Knitting classes, students sign up for their app and take the class on their platform. My Casa Azul teaches the class, live, over Zoom.

Knit Help Sessions are usually scheduled one at a time when a student has a specific question(s) or need help with a knitting problem. Students can book a session in 30- or 60-min time slots. Click on Book a Session to see available times.

Taste of Knitting classes with The Tea Cozy students have complimentary Knit Help sessions while taking a class. They take place on Tuesdays from 7-7:30pm whenever a class is in session. Zoom links can be found in Knit Work student portal.

Knit Project Sessions are for knitters who want to work on a Taste of Knitting project or other project of their choice at dates and times that work best for them. These sessions, typically 60 mins at a time, can be scheduled one at a time or all at once. Click on Book a Session to see available times.

The skills needed for each class are listed in the class description, found by clicking on any project photo in Knit Classes.  All classes are geared toward the beginning knitter and to building beginning knitting skills.

Students have a few options: 

  • Sign up for Knit Project Sessions and work on a Taste of Knitting class at a date and time that works.
  • Gather a group of friends and create your own private group Taste of Knitting class, or a project of choice, at a time that works best for you. Contact us with your request and we’ll get you started. Some information to include in your request is the size of group, your Taste of Knitting project of choice (or other project idea) and when you’d like to take the classes. Prices vary depending on class choice and group size.

Currently, each student must sign up for their class individually. You can’t sign up for yourself and your friend at the same time.

The newsletter is a way for us to communicate updates, new classes, blog posts and fun knitting related content to our knitting community. We promise not to fill up your inbox. You can opt out of the newsletter at any time by contacting us to let us know. 

All class sales are final and make ups are not offered unless there are technical difficulties on my end or yours. If 2 or less students are signed up for a class, they may be rescheduled.


Knit Help and Project Sessions sales are final but can be rescheduled with 24-hour advance notice.  All Knit Help and Project Sessions must be used within one year of purchase.