My learn to knit cowl pattern

Last week while sitting on the cold bleachers during tennis lessons (inside thankfully) I was busy knitting the body of my newest cast on the Carbeth Cardigan.

A person asked “Are you knitting?”

Since I knit a lot in public, I often get this question.

“Yes, I am knitting, a sweater in fact. Do you knit as well?”

“No. I tried once as a child but was horrible at it and never tried again.”

Or sometimes the answer is:

“No, but I’ve always wanted to learn but I could never do that!”

“It’s so complicated!”

“I don’t have the patience.”

“I think I’d like it too much!”

To which I always reply: anyone can knit, if you want to.

Truly. Anyone can knit! (If the desire is there.) It’s just a series of steps and each one learned unlocks the next. Knitting is not everyone’s jam and that’s ok. It’s just one valuable skill that can have many beneficial side effects. Knitting builds community. Knitting provides an activity for busy hands without using our electronic devices. It’s meditative, can help with anxiety, stress and is good for our brains. Personally, I have a hard time waiting. Waiting in meetings, waiting at appointments, in the car, on vacation, for my children. Idle time where I’m not in control of what’s going on is so difficult. Knitting does not erase my discomfort entirely but it helps so much in those situations. The anxiety I have felt when in unpredictable situations is calmed by knowing I have my knitting. So, if I need to wait, I can wait. I’ve become more flexible. We live in a very demanding world with all manner of things calling our attention, time and resources. Knitting is a gift and a tool I have to manage all that comes my way. And it’s a gift I want to pass on to others.

If you want to learn to knit, I can teach you.

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